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Qui la fotografia è da ascoltare

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Here the photography is to be listened

From 15 to 30 April 2020


Try to close your eyes, it's the right time.
How can art help us right now?
It allows us to turn off the emergency switch for a few minutes.
It frees our mind from thoughts, numbers, graphs, anxiety.
And it gives us the energy to reopen the eyes and, with a clear mind, ready to face the new storm.

Every day, for 15 days, I will read in Italian for a few minutes a text about photography: the words of great photographers and authors who have written and are writing the history not only of photography, but the history of art, of photojournalism, of peoples and of civilizations. Because photography, more than any other, tells the world, both when it is true, when it is false, when it is realistic and when it is conceptual.
I hope these short readings will give you a few moments of poetry and new inspiration.

Let's listen

Ramona Vada

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Henri Cartier-Bresson's "The Decisive Moment" is a great photographic classic reading and is perfect for getting started!