I am a photographer and visual designer,        I work in corporate communication, I teach photography to children and adults. I have organized exhibitions, worked in photographic publishing.

I study all that is visual communication and experimentation, I observe everything with deep curiosity and eclectic spirit


Ramona Vada is an Italian photographer based in Geneva (Switzerland). As student of the teacher-photographer Michele Pellegrino, she began photographing in 1993 using a Zenit 122  and did all her own darkroom printing. Since 2006 she has shown her photographic works in more than 30 exhibitions in Italy and abroad.  Exhibition List

She mixed art photography with professional photography, then evolving into everything is visual communication, from computer graphics to websites to creative  projects like "Fiabe a righe"( "Striped Tales") and "Glutivia" magazine about gluten free food.



Ramona Vada become a professional photographer with the creation of the brand ‘IOfotografa’  in 2010.  

She has taken on several photographic advertising campaigns  for various clients where she has displayed her unique photographic style.

Ramona currently runs Photography Courses  for Adults and Children in collaboration with the Cuneo Municipality River Park, Delfino Foundation, Institute Magistrali of Cuneo, Monregaltour Association and Matericamente Studio based in Mondovì (CN).

Her photographic activity is enhanced by written text through the medium of ‘PhotogRam ’, a photographic blog

Ramona worked with on-line newspapers such as www.pmnet.it , www.bk10.it , www.cuneocronaca.it and the photography site www.officinadelleimmagini.net .



2017 - Ramona Vada creates "Glutivia" on gluten-free kitchen in collaboration with other professionals. After website and magazine, blog, app, book and cooking classes arrive.

2016- She created customized fairy tales project "Fiabe a righe" (Striped Fables)

2015- She designed and edited the IF-photoprojects editorial project presented at the Turin Book Exhibition in 2015
2014 ‘Natural Photographers’ - A photographic e-book based on photography courses run by Ramona.

2014: She created and edited the new website for the photographer Michele Pellegrino with whom she maintains an ongoing business and artistic cooperation.

2012-2016: Curated the exhibitions of photographic classes: ‘Natural Photographers’, ‘Calembours’, ‘Fotoparcofluvialando’, ‘Imagine’, 'Mai più' (No More).

2011-2016: Curated the photographic campaigns and website for the Tannery Conciaria Mondovi.

2011: Project managed ‘If design’ in collaboration with ‘The House of Pinocchio’, an association working with women held in the Russo-Cutugno Turin Prison.

2010:  Ramona was selected for ‘Tell us about the Feminine’, project by Arci Association based in Turin led by Roberto Bernocchi specialist in social advertising campaigns for the Armando Testa Agency of Milan.



2009: Cartacce’  (Wastepaper) - photo book. Reportage accompanied by 80 images taken in New York with the Italian street-artist Gec.

           Lyrics by: Olivia Spatola and Paolo Matteucci

2008: 'Terna Prize Catalogue': photo finalist

2008: ‘Photographer for the Centenary of the Futurist Movement’  by Maristella Campolunghi - publication of the photography of the Terna Prize finalist.

2009:  ‘Bruxelles.TXT’- Portrait of the artist Fabrizio Musa published in the catalogue-book with preface by Arch. Mario Botta.

2010: ‘Mondo Tondo'(Round the World) -Photos of Pao's works published in the catalogue-book with preface by Dario Fo.

2010: ‘Percorsi’  (Paths)   Photo from the series ‘ Mammoni ‘ was published as a text for learning Italian for the American College edited by F. Italiano.

2010: ‘Librosolidale Ladakh’  Five  photos from the series ‘Ecoutez !’ posted on Librosolidale dedicated to Ladakh.



The numerous photographic projects undertaken and published so far explore issues that compare photography with communication, timing and inner sphere.

From the first photography project and the poetry  ‘Time - between – Verses’   with the Opiemme poets, the path  in search of images of great communicative power became clearer and clearer.  

' Filters ’  explores the sociological and psychological patterns that influence individual choices and behavioral dynamics.

‘Portrait of the artist’  attempts to capture the artistic gestures of those who, like the artist , have chosen art as a tool for expression, exploration and evolution, not only at the creative moment, but in quotidian life.

‘Exploited Bride ’  is the artist’s first work to explore ‘the feminine side’ and reflects on the ‘thin veil of violence in the home’, often unseen or ignored.

Deforming Mirrors  about a woman's relationship with her own image;

Mammaschera is about motherhood;

Food-in-the-cage’  looks at the conflict between a natural longing for food and advertising’s ‘norms’ of how a woman should look.

Touch is a work-in-progress on ‘tactile relief photography’  which tries to  convey the essence of photography to blind people through touch and feeling.


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