Fiabe a Righe = Tales strips
are personal and customized fairy tales written using children's name letters.

A perfect play activity for all Kids !!

From Fiabe a Righe=Tales Strips
were born, where together we play, read,

invent tales, model play dough,
bend paper, photograph ... and you learn, grow, have fun!


Fiabe a Righe = Tales Strips


Fiabe a Righe is a game for toddlers and kids from 1 to 8 years old, designed in 2016 by Ramona Vada, Italian visual designer based in Geneva where she works with the Association "Fourchettes parlantes" en organizing workshops in the publiques and the Montessori schools.

Starting from the letters of your kids' name, the game allows a lot of playful activities with different levels of learning, suitable for different ages, stimulating linguistic and narrative creativity, graphic skills and learning to work by hand.


  • The panel can be hanged whole or divided into 10 small tiles to be recomposed indefinitely.

  • On the panel you can hang threads and sheets with drawings and writings.

  • Fiabe a Righe can be translated into all languages, increasing the opportunities for playful-linguistic activities that may arise from the comparison between languages

​​       -> see table below

Fiabe a Righe are currently available on the themes:

- animals -> with rhymes in Italian, English and French created/verified by mother tongue linguists

- sport

- nature and ecology

- the city and maps


ACTIVITIES with Fiabe a Righe panel:

1-2 years old

3-4 years old

5-6 years old

6-8 years old

By taking part in the Fiabe in Righe workshops, activities suitable for different ages will be taught.


Fiabe a Righe is a play activity that allows teachers, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, babysitters to play with children with practical and by hand activities. Then they can be supplemented by internet searches about animals and nature or by reading newspapers to find letters to crop.

It's a play activity that you can integrate with contemporary and technologies, playing a key role in training/learning. It is, however, important for growing children, as for adults, to maintain a high level of by hand activities that require invention, creation and stimulate imagination.

Fiabe a Righe was born as an artisanal product, in which the plasticine processing, the rhymes, the layout and the printing are carried out one by one and not according to algorithms, industrial and serial procedures.




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